Wood Repair Guilford Ct

Wood repair in Guilford Ct

It’s important to inspect the exterior trim

On your home each year.  Rotted and loose

trim can cause extensive damage by allowing

Moisture to get in and rot to spread.  The good

News is that you can repair your trim without

the help of a professional if you follow a few

Simple tips:


Where to look:  windows, doors and any other

Trim.  Check for cracks, rotting wood, loose

trim boards and holes.  Next, determine

if a small portion the the trim can be

replaced or if you need to replace the entire



What to do next: For wood repair,

If the wood isn’t badly

damaged, or not rotting it’s easy to fix.

If you see loose wood, just hammer fresh

nails into the trim board to firmly secure.


Cracks  – For wood repair,  remove any old caulk in the cracks,

any dirt or debris.

Then apply fresh silicone caulk in the cracks.

Note:  Make sure the temp outside is between

50-90 degrees before you start to get the best

performance out of your caulk.


Patched CracksFor wood repair, exterior wood filler for

Patched cracks in the trim.  First, sand the

area with coarse sandpaper to ensure a

good bond.  After this, apply wood filler with

a putty knife.  After it dries, sand it flush with

medium to fine grit sandpaper.


Replacing rotted and damaged trim:  Carefully

Remove the rotted wood with a pry bar.

measure what you removed.

(when you replace this wood, add a few inches to allow

For trimming it and any mistakes in measuring).

You can have the lumber store cut your wood, but it’s

a good idea to have a miter saw to trim it if need be

at home.

Safety Note:  Be sure to read manufacture’s instructions

Carefully when operating power tools! Do not wear

Loose clothing or jewelry.

Installing new trim:   Use nails and a hammer to attach

the new trim wood.  Use a nail set and hammer to get

the nails below the surface of new wood. Cover nail holes

with putty and when it’s dry sand the putty flush with the wood.


Painting the new wood

Use a drop cloth to protect the ground and bushes where

you are painting.  You can also use blue tape to tape off

around the exterior of the wood you are painting to protect

the siding.  Make sure to use a high quality enamel or varnish

brush.  Use a high quality paint or stain, it truly makes all the

difference.  Benjamin Moore offers a high quality paint and stain

line.  Apply one coat of primer followed by one or two finish

Coats of paint.

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