What’s Your Favorite House Paint Color? Old Saybrook Ct


Choosing a color to paint your home with can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.  That’s why we created this blog “What’s Your Favorite House Paint Color? Old Saybrook Ct.  to help give you a few tips! Also, there is a quick video from Dave below!

We are Coastline Painters LLC in Guilford Ct and we have been painters for over 39 years, so we have a lot of experience with this.

For some great insight and advice try going to a local paint center like Rings End in Branford Ct or a Sherwin Williams store.  Usually they  have a decorator there full time and they are very happy to help and usually it’s a complimentary service they provide.

But here’s a few quick tips:

If you have upholstery or a favorite rug, or a great piece of artwork that you love, take a photo of it with your phone and take it to the store to use as a guide to pick up some colors.  This is a great way to create an accent wall in a room, and then use the other three walls in a neutral shade using whites, beiges or grays.

Decorate the room using the “dark to light” method, a lot of designers suggest this.  Use darker shades for the floor level, use medium colors for the middle of the room and light colors up high and on the ceilings.  So, look at the room as a whole with all your furniture and artwork on the walls and use the dark to light method.  This creates a feeling of space!

After house painting in the connecticut area for so many years, we have painted many houses and seen many beautiful painted rooms with all sorts of color styles and designs.  A common technique is starting with a formal area of the house like the dining room and formal living room, pick a house painting scheme for these two formal rooms, then pull a color or so out of that scheme to do a less informal tone in the more casual areas like the family room, den and eat in kitchen.  This is a way to use your favorite house paint colors throughout your home  in different modes!

Another great tip in helping with “What’s Your Favorite House Paint Color”? Old Saybrook Ct is to use a color wheel! A color wheel keeps tones that are very close in color but not quite, and allows you to view them side by side.  A nice house painting color scheme would be a blue with green, these two colors create a casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Red is known to help increase your appetite, so it’s nice to use this color as an accent for the kitchen or dining room.

Sometimes though it’s hard to know what color scheme to start with at all!  I read a great article from a decorator that said look closely at your wardrobe, that usually the colors you pick out to wear are a great guide to go by!  And remember, if you like really fun bold colors but don’t want the entire house to look like a circus, there are two ways to incorporate bold colors, either with neutral tones on the walls and use accent walls with these colors or use the colors on one or two walls on the walls and keep the furniture nuetral.

I hope this article “What’s Your Favorite House Paint Color?” Old Saybrook Ct was helpful!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!




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