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First, thanks for visiting our website to read “Do House Painters Just Paint Mansions, Killingworth Ct “.  You know a lot of house painters in Killingworth Ct and house painters in Madison Ct, and house painters in Guilford Ct my neighboring towns   are used to large house painting projects and proudly display the photos of these homes on their websites.  That’s just great but here at Coastline Painters LLC in Guilford Ct we proudly display small houses, medium houses and of course the large ones.

Our goal is the customer and making the customer so happy that they call us again in the future and are not afraid to recommend us to friends and family.

All size houses equally help a small painting contracting business, why?  Because large houses are fantastic, but you must be  able to have a crew large enough so that the job is done in a timely manner and not drawn out.  The smaller houses are wonderful because you can finish them in a great time frame with a smaller crew.

If you need any professional advice, we are happy to meet with you to give you a professional home evaluation quote. Sometimes it’s easy to miss a few things around the house that need attention like rotted wood.  Sometimes all your home needs is a good washing!

Another great idea is to find a reputable house painter that responds within the same day that you call.  Note how long it takes for them to call you back, schedule a visit and then how long to get a professional typed up evaluation of your home.

Power washing is really important to do for your home and decks!  Your home is constantly exposed to harsh elements!  This can cause discolor, oxidizing, mildew, chalkiness.   If you have had your home painted or stained, it’s a good idea to have the home power washed once every two years or so.   When you power wash it preserves the paint job much longer, gets all the spider webs, cobwebs off and really adds curb appeal to your home.   If you live in a heavily wooded area or if you live in a humid enviroment, it’s a good idea to do it yearly instead of every two years.

When you find a good house painting company its really great because we know that our customers have a home to take care of and sometimes they need more then just painting, perhaps they need minor carpentry repair or some windows replace, or doors fixed.  We are a full service painting company that offers these services, and the cool part is we know many other highly reputable contractors of other trades in case you need them.  We can oversee other projects or recommend the contractor directly.  For example, we had a customer that wanted their home painted, so walkways repaired that had crumbling cement, they needed exterior railings repaired.  So, Coastline Painters LLC was able to paint the home, bring in a great mason that we have worked with for many years, over see the masonary work, and since we have a great carpenter/ painter on staff, we were able to do the minor carpentry and our customer only had to deal with us.  They didn’t have to worry about coordinating multiple contractors or worrying about everyone sticking to their schedules to complete things in a timely manner, we handled all of that!

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions or advice you might need!



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