Paint your Aluminum Siding!

I have been painting aluminum siding in the Guilford Ct area for over 37 years and have had great results!

 If you have a home that was built between the 40’s and 70’s chances are you have aluminum siding, in my area of Guilford and Madison Ct we have plenty of older homes that have aluminum siding and many homeowners were surprised to learn that they could paint their aluminum siding.  Between the 40’s and 70’s aluminum siding was the best material at the time for the value.  The paint was baked onto the aluminum.  Eventually the baked on color fades and chalks.  There is a great remedy for this, paint the siding!

It’s very important to prepare the siding for the paint, and the first step is cleaning the aluminum siding.  You can use aluminum siding cleaner or TSP solution both can be purchased at any hardware store.

Two ways to clean the siding is by hand with a brush and cloth or you can rent a power washer to get the job done faster and easier.  If the siding has never been painted before, you don’t need to worry about peeling paint, if the siding has been painted before and there is peeling while you wash, you will need to scrape the loose paint and take some fine grit sand paper and feather the edges.

After you clean the siding, and do any necessary scraping and sanding, make sure it’s totally dry.  Then apply two coats of high quality Acrylic latex base paint to the siding.  You will be very pleased with the outcome that will last many years!

 The result:  A fresh and beautiful home!  Call us today for free advice or evaluation on any project, plus of course estimates!

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