Baby Boomers Love to Travel With Their Pets! Says Guilford Ct Painter

Why is a painting contractor from Guilford Ct writing about Baby boomers and travel?  Because I am a baby boomer!  I promote my painting company with the purpose in mind to give my customers as much valuable, interesting and useful information as possible, and that doesn’t mean it always has to be about painting!  I love to travel and thought it would make an interesting article!

Anyone born between 1946 and 1964 is a Baby Boomer! We are all in various stages of the empty nest!  Some of us have kids that have already graduated college, some still have kids in college and some are getting ready to send their kids to college.  This means that the kids are no longer home full time and it frees us up to travel!   Recent studies show that we equal 28% of the US population.

Here’s the fun part, when we travel, more then half of us like to take our furry family members with us!  So, there are a few things to work out, what is the best kind of pet to own and travel with?  They say to choose a pet the most closely reflects your personal lifestyle!

For those of us that are into outdoor physical activity, you might want to think about getting a dog from the sporting group such as a Lab, a Golden Retriever, a English Springer Spaniel or a Weimaraner.  These are good natured dogs that love exercise!

For those of us that live in a small home and/or have a few physical limitations, a smaller dog is the way to go, such as a Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu ( I have one of these, they are amazing) Maltese, (I had one of these, they are loving but a little on the vocal side!) and a Yorkie!

Whatever animal you pick, pets are a tremendous addition to the family, and some studies have shown that they can improve your heath! Here are a few helpful links when traveling with your pet!



Now let me put on my painters hat!  If anyone needs any kind of professional advice for their home, please call!  We are happy to talk to you and answer as many questions as you have!  We are offering a spring coupon for the exterior of your home, so be sure to ask us about it!

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