How to Paint Windows Guilford Ct

How To Paint Windows, Guilford Ct

It’s great to hire someone to do the painting

for you, but if you have the time, you can

do it yourself!  All that’s needed is a little

patience and know how!

Painting your window helps protect the wood,

so be sure to buy the highest quality product,

I like the Benjamin Moore products.  It’s also

good to have a high quality angled sash brush.

This is why I wanted an article on How To Paint


If you have a removable sash, remove the sash

The same way you clean your windows.

If there is peeling paint, be sure scrape and sand

any loose paint.

Make sure surface is clean of all dirt and debris.

You can use painters tape to tape off around the area

You are painting, just be sure to immediately remove

The tape when you are done, otherwise, it can really

Get stuck to the window due to heat from the sun.


  1. Start by painting the wood next to the glass.
  2. Then paint the stiles and the sash rails
  3. Paint the trim, casing and/or window frame.
  4. You need to open the lower sash to paint

The exterior of window sill.

Caution:  Be careful that you don’t paint the edges of

the sash, they tend to get stuck in the frame.

Now, you know How To Paint Windows yourself!

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