Residential House Painting


Residential House Painting

High-Quality Professional Residential Painting

You recognize quality residential house painting when you see it. The results are exactly what you expect them to be. Every surface has a smooth, attractive finish. Your trim, windows, and other details enhance and compliment your overall color scheme. As a homeowner, you feel a sense of satisfaction and pride each time you look at your home.

At Coastline Painters, we want you to feel good about your residential house painting process. That’s why we do our best work every time. We are professionals and we work hard to give you the quality results you deserve.

We Meet All of Your Residential Painting Needs

At Coastline Painters, we provide interior and exterior painting services for existing homes and newly-built structures. We begin by inspecting your home and consulting with you to determine your painting requirements. Once we know the scope of work, we provide a timely written estimate.

Before our team begins working on your home, we help you make final color choices and establish a firm work schedule. We always arrive with the necessary equipment and manpower to produce outstanding results.

Interior House Painting

We protect your property, floors, and decor throughout the process.

We sand, strip, and prepare all surfaces.

When necessary, we provide custom carpentry services.

We complete a high-quality paint job that meets your satisfaction.

Exterior House Painting

Exterior painting comes with a unique set of challenges. Shoreline water and weather gradually deteriorate your home’s siding, trim, windows, and other wooden details. Our custom carpenters resolve these issues before we paint.

Our team protects your landscaping and other adjacent areas.

We prepare all exterior surfaces before painting.

We restore or repair deteriorated wooden areas.

Our painters and carpenters work to complete each job professionally.

New Construction House Painting

When we paint newly constructed homes or out-structures, we follow the same meticulous processes. We work with you or your contractor to provide quality results based on your specifications.

Why Choose Us?

Coastline Painters has served shoreline area homeowners since 1974. We have always maintained consistent quality standards. We work to produce professional results each and every time.

We are skilled painting and carpentry professionals.

Our team responds quickly when you call.

We have a 45-year track record of quality work in the shoreline area.

We always give you the great customer you deserve.

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