Power Washing


Power Washing

Coastline Painters Power Washing

When your home’s exterior shows signs of discoloration, it doesn’t always need a paint job. Sometimes your painted surfaces simply need a good cleaning. We offer a power washing service that accomplishes this goal.

Our team removes soil, sand, and other elements that cause surface discolorations. When left to accumulate, they diminish your home’s natural beauty and hasten the paint deterioration process. Washing is an efficient way to refresh and renew your home’s exterior between paint jobs.

At Coastline Painters, we recommend a home exterior power wash every two years. Our process removes dirt buildup, cleans exterior surfaces, and enhances your home’s overall appearance. Regular washing also extends the life of your paint.

Our Washing Process

If you haven’t requested our power wash services recently, you might not know that our process has evolved. Instead of using a high-pressure system that blasts away dirt, our team employs an eco-friendly, soft washing process. We use equipment that produces a gentler, lower pressure stream. It’s easy on your home, yet it cleans just as effectively as traditional high-power methods.

Our soft washing process is a cost-effective way to keep your home’s exterior surfaces clean and beautiful.

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Why Choose Us?

At Coastline Painters, we offer a home exterior washing service because we want to help you keep your home beautiful. That’s always been our primary goal. We’ve worked with shoreline homeowners and businesses for over the past 45 years. We always do the best job possible because we want to keep you as a customer.

As with all of our services, we produce high-quality results by maintaining professional standards.

We respond quickly when you call.

We provide fast, detailed, written estimates.

Our owner establishes and maintains a work schedule that’s convenient to you.

Our team protects your home and landscaping from harm.

We believe in dedicated customer service.

Coastline Painters is licensed and every operation is insured.

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