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The shoreline area climate takes its toll on residential and commercial buildings. It causes paint to flake, peel and discolor. Wooden trim decays and deteriorates over time. The ongoing deterioration diminishes your property’s appearance and reduces its value. To properly maintain your home or business, you need help from professionals who specialize in residential and commercial painting near Westbrook CT.

At Coastline Painters, we have over four decades of experience with residential and commercial painting near Westbrook CT. We are committed to providing the services you need to maintain and restore your commercial or residential property.

Our Painting Process

Our painters and carpenters consistently produce high-quality results. We work hard to give our client’s the professional outcomes they want and the customer service they deserve.

We Protect Your Property

Each day we’re on the job, we take steps to protect your property and keep our work areas clean and neat.

When working on your home or business exterior, we protect your walkways, outdoor furniture, and landscaping from paint discoloration.

If we work during your business hours, we do whatever it takes to perform our job without disrupting your business operations.

While working inside your home, we use mats and covers to protect your furniture, decor, and floors.

We Prepare Interior & Exterior Surfaces

Whether we’re working inside, outside, commercial, or residential, preparation is critical to producing high-quality results.

We sand, caulk, and scrape exterior surfaces for a smooth, consistent painting surface. Our custom carpentry team repairs or replaces deteriorating trim, doors, windows, decks, and other wooden areas.

Interior preparation involves similar tasks. We sand, caulk, and strip aging wallpaper to produce a consistent painting surface. Our carpenters design custom solutions to resolve any issues with deteriorating or damaged wood.

Residential Painting

At Coastline Painters, we provide professional services to help you maintain your home’s interior and exterior surfaces.

Exterior Residential Painting

Given our climate conditions, exterior paint lasts an average of seven years. With proper maintenance and high-quality professional painting, you can extend the paint life expectancy of all your exterior surfaces.

Home Exteriors

Garages and Storage Buildings

Service Structures

Pool and Carriage Houses

Interior Residential Painting

Our painters can redo a single space or transform every room in your home. We assist you with color choices and prepare surfaces to allow a smooth professional finish.

Our interior painters and carpenters are skilled specialists who produce meticulous work

We respond quickly and provide a timely estimate for your interior painting job

We are polite, courteous, professional, and respectful

We protect your home furnishings to prevent accidental damage

Commercial Painting

Our team has decades of commercial painting and restoration experience. We have the expertise to complete your interior or exterior commercial job based on your need and project specifications.

Food Supply Operations

Retail Stores



Oil Tank Refurbishment

New Construction Painting

Epoxy Resin Painting

Floor Painting & Restoration

Professional Custom Carpentry

Our carpentry team repairs and restores decaying or damaged wood trim and features. We create custom wooden solutions based on your residential, commercial, or new construction specifications.

Exterior Carpentry Services

Our carpentry team repairs and restores decaying or damaged wood trim and features. We create custom wooden solutions based on your residential, commercial, or new construction specifications.

Shingles & Siding Repair or Replacement

Window Replacement or Repair

Trim Repair & Replacement

Deck Repair & Refurbishment

Interior Carpentry Services

Our carpenters repair, replace, and restore wooden trim and decor. At your request, we create new wooden features and accents.


Crown Moldings

Door Trim & Woodwork

Cabinets & Bookcases

Kitchen Cabinets

Why Choose Us?

For over 45 years we have worked hard to develop and maintain our residential and commercial clients’ confidence and trust. We are proud of our professionalism, skill, and reputation, and we’re fully dedicated to customer service.

We respond promptly when you call.

We provide fast, written estimates.

We are Connecticut-licensed and fully insured.

We produce quality work to earn your trust.

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