Paint Now Paint Pay Later

Paint Now Paint Pay Later

House Painting Financing

Financial Flexibility to Restore Your Home Now

Professional painting restores your home’s appearance, but often you must judge whether the cost fits within your budget. You must also consider that if you delay the work, the deterioration process will continue.

At Coastline Painters, our financing program allows you to have the painting services and financial flexibility you need.

Why We Offer In-House Financing

As professional painters, we’re committed to helping you maintain your home. We provide financing because we understand that a professional paint job can disrupt your budgeting priorities.

The Benefits of Paint Now Pay Later

When we finance your house painting, you don’t have to postpone restoring and maintaining your home. Our paint now, pay later plan provides these additional benefits.

• Financing makes house painting more affordable.

You don't have to pay the full cost all at once.

You can work the payments into your budget.

How Works

Our Pay Now Paint Later terms are simple and uncomplicated.

No-interest financing

Ten percent (10%) down when you sign your home painting agreement

One-third (1/3) of the balance when we begin the work

Twenty-Four (24) months to pay your balance

In-house agreement with no finance company involvement

Excludes custom carpentry services

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To learn more about our house painting financing or schedule an estimate,

give us a call at (203) 458-2073.

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