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Your Guilford CT home is one of your most valued assets. You work hard to keep it attractive, but it’s always at the mercy of our local climate. Weather extremes, seaside air, and salt-laden moisture slowly deteriorate your home’s exterior. Without proper maintenance and restoration, the environment diminishes your home’s attractiveness and reduces its value.

At Coastline Painters, we provide high-quality house painting in Guilford CT. Since 1974, shoreline homeowners have relied on our painting and carpentry skills to restore their homes’ inherent beauty. We’re passionate about our work. We’re dedicated to customer service and we always put our clients first. They’ve shown their appreciation by making us the best-rated house painting company in Guilford CT.

Exterior House Painting in Guilford CT - Before
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Our Painting Services

We provide house painting in Guilford CT that can enhance and revive your home, inside and out. From the moment we interact with you, we work to ensure a high-quality outcome.

We Protect Your Property

As experienced professionals, we know that it’s essential to protect your home and personal property.

When we paint your exterior, we prevent paint from discoloring your outdoor furniture, landscaping, walkways, and other areas.

When we paint your home interior, we protect your furniture, decor, and flooring, with coverings and mats.

Each day our team does their part to maintain a clean work area.

Exterior Painting

The shoreline environment is tough on homes. Paint flakes and fades. Wooden trim surrenders to gradual decay. We help you maintain and restore your home by providing painting and restoration services for all of your exterior structures.

Home Exteriors

Garages and Storage Buildings

Service Structures

Pool and Carriage Houses

Surface preparation is essential to high-quality painting results. We sand, scrape, and caulk painted surfaces and repair wooden trim. In some instances, we restore decayed wooden areas or replace deteriorating windows. Once we’ve completed our preparation, our painters apply a high-quality finish.

Interior Painting

A quality paint job can change a single room or transform every space in your home. Whatever option you choose, our painters produce the best possible results.

Preparation is also critical to interior painting. Our team helps you with your final color and design choices. We repair or replace wooden trim and accents. We sand, caulk, scrape, strip wallpaper, and prepare your walls to ensure a paint application that meets our quality standards.

Our interior painters and carpenters are skilled specialists who produce meticulous work

We protect your home furnishings to prevent accidental damage

We are polite, courteous, professional, and respectful

We respond quickly and provide a timely estimate for your interior painting job

Custom Carpentry Services

Our carpentry team devises custom solutions for worn, damaged, or deteriorating wood. They create custom accents and features based on your specifications and they’re committed to quality and customer service.

Exterior Carpentry Services

Our professional carpenters repair or replace worn, deteriorating wooden areas to restore your home’s appearance.

Shingles & Siding Repair or Replacement

Window Replacement or Repair

Trim Repair & Replacement

Deck Repair & Refurbishment

Interior Carpentry Services

Our carpenters repair or replace dinged, dented, or damaged wooden trim and accents. We also create wooden feature upgrades to enhance your interior spaces.


Crown Moldings

Door Trim & Woodwork

Cabinets & Bookcases

Kitchen Cabinets

Why Choose Us?

For over 45-years, homeowners have trusted Coastline Painters to produce high-quality house painting in Guilford CT. Our clients have always appreciated our professional performance, high-quality results, and dedicated customer service. We are grateful for their positive online ratings and feedback. We work hard to maintain every client’s trust.

We respond immediately and provide a timely, written estimate.

We are licensed and insured.

Professional painters and carpenters handle every job.

We believe that our job isn’t over until you’re satisfied.

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