When the colder seasons strike, your home’s exterior can take a beating from snow, ice, winter wind, moisture and frigid temperatures. The brutal winter weather extremes can actually damage the exterior of your home as well as the paint, wood, accessories, doors, windows, shutters, trim and more, especially if your home is not completely prepared for the season ‘s conditions.

In order to get your home completely ready for the winter’s worst, exterior painting is highly suggested and this should be done at least before the harsh conditions occur.   Remember, it’s not a good idea to paint once the temperature starts dropping into the 50s and colder.

Why Exterior Painting Makes Sense

A high-quality exterior paint job can protect your home from the long, cold winter.  Time is running out though.  Soon we change the clocks and the temperature is already starting to drop.  If a full exterior job is out of the question right now touching up critical areas can help.

Awesome Benefits of Home Exterior Painting Before Winter

Once you’ve made the decision to paint your home’s exterior then it’s time to go to work.  Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a fresh exterior paint job.

  • The paint on your exterior walls, trim and other surfaces will shield your home from the crazy autumn and winter weather as well as protect from unnecessary dampness or moisture, which can cause wood decay and other damage.
  • If your home has permanent stains or marks which degrade the curb appeal of your home an exterior paint job can cover them. People will never know the stains are there.
  • Want to wow your neighbors, family & friends this holiday season? An exterior paint job is a cost effective and great way to do just that.  Changing the color of your home can really impress everyone. Painting the exterior of your home is proven to be a money-saving option.
  • Exterior paint can also keep away unwanted debris and especially if your home has plaster walls. Believe it or not paint keeps plaster from spreading dust. In the cooler, drier fall days this is an added benefit to all of us who work so hard already.
  • Exterior paint can improve the “seal” of your home keeping moisture and insects out while keeping some of your expensive heat in. Not to mention painting the exterior home may help you uncover entry points for other unwanted guests.
  • A new paint job can improve your mood dramatically as well. Something to think about during the cold months where shorter days and extreme weather can do a number on your emotions.

The exterior of your home is the first layer of protection against winter weather.  You will want to ensure that it is in top condition before cold temperatures and bad weather arrive. Exterior home painting is a smart idea and can help improve protection to your home including paint, wood, accessories, doors, windows, shutters and trim.

It would be best to hire an expert to handle the exterior painting job.  There is a lot to consider as the summer winds down.  Weather conditions, timing and best materials to use are all part of ensuring the paint last for years to come and improves the value and appeal of your home.  This is one way to ensure that you get the results you need and you achieve the needed protection for your home’s exterior. The experts know exactly what approach and techniques to take and the right paints to be used.