Transitioning Old Worn Out Cabinetry to Look Brand New Through Cabinet Painting

Let’s be honest here. Seeing worn out cabinetry in our living room or in our kitchen is definitely an eye sore. You’ve probably considered replacing them but then saw the cost to get new cabinets and have them installed.  The hassle of installing your own kitchen cabinets is definitely not worth the cost savings for most.

There’s good news though.  You don’t have to replace them.  There is an alternative to replacing your kitchen cabinets especially if they still work perfectly fine. Sometimes, all that it takes is to bring your paintbrushes and do some cabinet painting.

If your cabinets are made of wood you are in luck. Wood is one of the best surfaces for painting. Regardless of whether it is stained, unfinished or you have already painted them before it can be painted again by professional painters.  Professional painters know exactly how to prep the cabinets so that the new paint will adhere to the cabinets and look great for years to come. Visitors will compliment you on your new cabinets but no worries; your secret is safe with us!

We have talked to homeowners who thought their kitchen cabinet situation was hopeless and replacing them was the only option. Coastline painters can bring your cabinets back to life and save you time and money in doing s.  With over 35 years of experience, we can unequivocally tell you that your old worn out cabinets will look just like new cabinets displayed in hardware stores.

When painting your kitchen cabinets to restore them to like new it’s important to consider the color as well.  Check out our previous blog post on choosing the right color for the exterior of your home.  Many of the same principles apply to interior painting.  Your kitchen décor and surrounding rooms should play an important role in determining the color of your kitchen cabinets. When the cabinets are prepped and painted properly with the right colors to compliment the décor of your kitchen your friends and family will think you just spent thousands on new cabinets. That’s the magic of kitchen cabinet painting.  In the end you:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Don’t have to worry about new cabinets
  • Don’t have to worry about painting/replacing them for years to come

It gets better.  You’ve hired a professional home painter to restore your kitchen cabinets.  As a result, you did not have to buy kitchen cabinets.  You did not have to pay an installation crew to install the new cabinets.  You likely avoided having to have extra work done to accommodate the new cabinets and avoided not having your kitchen available to you for an extended period of time.  Now you can use the money you saved to purchase a new appliance, or maybe paint another room (we prefer you choose to have another room painted).

If a kitchen update is the plan for this year make sure you review all your options.  We think you will find that having a professional home painter apply new paint to your kitchen cabinets will not only save you lots of time and money but help beautify your kitchen for years to come.  Working with a painter will allow you to accent your home and kitchen décor further by choosing the right colors.  Most painters offer light carpentry so minor repairs to cabinets can also be completed as part of the agreement to paint your kitchen cabinets.  Get the kitchen you want at a fraction of what t would cost to purchase new cabinets and have them installed.