Deck Staining & Painting


Deck Staining and Painting

Deck Staining and Painting by Experienced Professionals

Your deck is often the center of family activities and outdoor fun. It’s natural wood, so sun, seawater, and extreme weather shifts cause ongoing wear. You seal the wood for protection. You add stain, paint, or some other finish to enhance its natural grain. Whatever option you choose, environmental exposures work against you. They usually diminish your deck’s appearance in a year or less.

The same conditions that ruin your deck’s finish also cause gradual wood deterioration. Without proper intervention, surfaces and supporting structures gradually rot or deteriorate to the point of causing safety issues. As with other home features, you must take proper care of your deck to maintain the value it adds to your home.

Professional Deck Staining, Painting, and Repair

At Coastline Painters, our maintenance and repair solutions help protect and preserve your deck. We clean, stain, or paint the wood to restore its appearance. We provide custom carpentry services to repair or replace deteriorating wood that threatens your deck’s physical integrity.

Custom Carpentry

Before we clean, stain, or paint your deck, we inspect the wood for signs of deterioration. If we find areas that require attention, our skillful carpenters repair the wood before we begin our refinishing process.

Repair deteriorating wood

Refurbish flashings and footings

Inspect posts for signs of rot and deterioration

Deck Finishing

Whether your deck is stained, sealed, or painted, it needs annual maintenance to preserve its appearance. Our painters provide services to help keep your deck beautiful.

Deck Washing

Deck Staining

Deck Painting

Why Choose Us?

At Coastline Painters, we are committed to providing skillful, professional painting and custom carpentry services. We earned our reputation for quality by serving shoreline area homeowners and businesses since 1974. Our team works to produce professional results each and every time.

We are dependable, responsive, and courteous.

We hold our workers to stringent quality standards.

Our owner oversees all projects.

We believe that every customer deserves great service.

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