Professional Commercial Painting


Professional Commercial Painting

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High-Quality Commercial Painting

When you operate a business, your building’s first impression is critical to your success. An attractive exterior invites customers to enter your space. An inspiring interior further demonstrates your commitment to good taste. At Coastline Painters, our skilled painting and carpentry teams provide the expertise to help you create, restore, or maintain your unique first impression.

We Meet Your Professional Commercial Painting Needs

At Coastline Painters, we’ve had decades of experience performing big and small commercial painting jobs. Since 1977, we have completed interior and exterior painting jobs for a number of unique local companies.

Food Supply Operations

Retail Stores



Oil Tank Refurbishment

New Construction Painting

Our Professional Commercial Painting Process

Our painting process reflects the same meticulous standards as our residential painting. We inspect and evaluate the scope of work and provide a timely detailed estimate. We help you resolve color and design choices and offer a range of services

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

Epoxy Resin painting

Floor Painting

Interior Commercial Painting

Our team paints your interior surfaces based on your design specifications. When needed, our carpenters repair or replace molding, cabinets, bookshelves, and other wooden details.

We work efficiently to minimize business disruptions.

We protect your business property, flooring, and decor.

We prepare surfaces to enable a smooth professional finish.

We provide custom carpentry services.

Exterior Commercial Painting

Shoreline business exteriors endure the same seawater exposure and weather extremes as local homes. These environmental conditions cause a gradual deterioration that diminishes your building’s appearance and value. We restore and beautify your building’s exterior, working conscientiously throughout the process.

We protect your landscaping and adjoining areas.

We prepare all exterior surfaces before painting.

We restore or repair deteriorated wooden trim.

We perform professional epoxy resin painting.

New Construction Painting

Our commercial painters provide services for newly constructed commercial buildings, homes, and maintenance structures. We work directly with you or your contractor and follow provided specifications.

Why Choose Us?

At Coastline Painters, we are skilled local professionals with a track record of quality work. We produce professional results and work hard to please our clients.

We respond quickly when you call.

We have a strong working relationship with shoreline area businesses and residents.

We give you the great customer service you deserve.

We are state-licensed and fully insured.

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