Painting Questions and Answers Madison Ct

With such easy access to information and knowledge these days through the internet, it’s not hard to get answers to any question you may have.  The real question is how accurate is the answer you are getting?

That’s why we created this article “Painting Questions and Answers Madison Ct” to help give you some accurate sources for answers!

Here is a link to a video that we have about this article also, by Dave Moffitt.

Here are a few ways to get solid information, you can go to the Benjamin Moore website and find answers, you can also go on our blog to read the articles there, and you can call and ask us!  We are very happy to answer any and all questions! Even if you are not a past customer and just want to do some work around the house and need some advice, we are very happy to help!

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Painter Offers Great Service Madison Ct

How do you find a good house painter?  There are signs right from the start!  There are lots of painters out there that can paint, but in our opinion that’s not enough!

We are extremely customer service oriented!  It goes without saying that we do high quality work!  We also focus on our customer!  How?  Well, right from the start when you call us, you get a call right back that day!

We like to schedule our estimates within 24 hours of your call, as long as this is good for the customer’s schedule.  We email you after you make the appointment our contact info and the date and time of the estimate.  After we do the estimate, you receive it within 24 hours from the estimate time and a hard copy is put in the mail to  you!

We call you up to make sure you got it and to see if you have any questions.

After you hire us, we make sure that you are treated in such a way that you want to call us again and recommend us to your friends and family!  When you call, we answer!

This goes hand in hand with a high quality paint job!  Your happiness matters!  We feel our customer service is as important as the paint job! You never have to wonder where we are? Why can’t you reach us? Never!  We make sure that you can reach us and your concerns are our concerns!

I hope this article House Painter Madison Ct has helped  show you what to expect in a painting contractor!

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have!  It doesn’t matter if you are not our customer, we are here to help!dave's photo

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Lead Paint On House Branford Ct

Lead based paint was commonly used to paint interior and exterior houses in the mid twentieth century. We created this article Lead Paint On House Branford Ct to give you some more information about lead paint and the importance of having a lead certified painter test your home!

Most homes built and painted before 1978 had lead paint.  Due the toxicity of lead paint and the incredible health issues it can cause such as developmental delay, damage to your organs, and  your nervous system just to name a few, it’s very important to have your home tested for lead paint before you do anything!

How do you check if your home has lead paint?  Call a professional painter that is LEAD CERTIFIED!  The EPA requires ALL painters to have lead certification!  When you call to make the estimate appointment, ask if they are lead certified! Make sure CERTIFIED, not if they just know how to test for the lead!

Testing for lead is relatively easy, there are kits now available in hardware stores.  That’s the easy part!  The complicated part and the area where the certification really comes in handy and concerns the health and well being of you and your family’s health is the way the lead paint is removed from your home and disposed of!  It must be done the way the EPA outlines to prevent further exposure to you and your family, it must be done using lead safe work practices!  Improper removal of Lead based paint can lead to illness!

If you have any questions about lead based paint and how to check that your contractor is properly certified, please call us! We are very happy to provide you with the correct information to help  you choose a certified painter!   We are painting contractors in Guilford Ct and serve most of the Connecticut area!  We offer free painting estimates and professional evaluations!

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