Don’t Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets. Paint Them Instead.

kitchen cabinet painting in connecticutTransitioning Old Worn Out Cabinetry to Look Brand New Through Cabinet Painting

Let’s be honest here. Seeing worn out cabinetry in our living room or in our kitchen is definitely an eye sore. You’ve probably considered replacing them but then saw the cost to get new cabinets and have them installed.  The hassle of installing your own kitchen cabinets is definitely not worth the cost savings for most.

There’s good news though.  You don’t have to replace them.  There is an alternative to replacing your kitchen cabinets especially if they still work perfectly fine. Sometimes, all that it takes is to bring your paintbrushes and do some cabinet painting.

If your cabinets are made of wood you are in luck. Wood is one of the best surfaces for painting. Regardless of whether it is stained, unfinished or you have already painted them before it can be painted again by professional painters.  Professional painters know exactly how to prep the cabinets so that the new paint will adhere to the cabinets and look great for years to come. Visitors will compliment you on your new cabinets but no worries; your secret is safe with us!

We have talked to homeowners who thought their kitchen cabinet situation was hopeless and replacing them was the only option. Coastline painters can bring your cabinets back to life and save you time and money in doing s.  With over 35 years of experience, we can unequivocally tell you that your old worn out cabinets will look just like new cabinets displayed in hardware stores.

When painting your kitchen cabinets to restore them to like new it’s important to consider the color as well.  Check out our previous blog post on choosing the right color for the exterior of your home.  Many of the same principles apply to interior painting.  Your kitchen décor and surrounding rooms should play an important role in determining the color of your kitchen cabinets. When the cabinets are prepped and painted properly with the right colors to compliment the décor of your kitchen your friends and family will think you just spent thousands on new cabinets. That’s the magic of kitchen cabinet painting.  In the end you:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Don’t have to worry about new cabinets
  • Don’t have to worry about painting/replacing them for years to come

It gets better.  You’ve hired a professional home painter to restore your kitchen cabinets.  As a result, you did not have to buy kitchen cabinets.  You did not have to pay an installation crew to install the new cabinets.  You likely avoided having to have extra work done to accommodate the new cabinets and avoided not having your kitchen available to you for an extended period of time.  Now you can use the money you saved to purchase a new appliance, or maybe paint another room (we prefer you choose to have another room painted).

paint my kitchen cabinets in connecticutIf a kitchen update is the plan for this year make sure you review all your options.  We think you will find that having a professional home painter apply new paint to your kitchen cabinets will not only save you lots of time and money but help beautify your kitchen for years to come.  Working with a painter will allow you to accent your home and kitchen décor further by choosing the right colors.  Most painters offer light carpentry so minor repairs to cabinets can also be completed as part of the agreement to paint your kitchen cabinets.  Get the kitchen you want at a fraction of what t would cost to purchase new cabinets and have them installed.

Painter Branford Ct, 3 Tips to Find One

Here are some tips to finding a painter in Branford Ct, I also have a link below to a video titled “Painter Branford Ct, 3 Tips to Find One”.  When looking for an exterior painter or interior painter in Branford Ct here are the tips:

The first step is to go on Google and plug in “Painter, Branford Ct” or if you’re from Guilford “Painter, Guilford Ct’ and you will see local painters for the town you chose populate.

When you contact a painting contractor make sure they have a current license, you can check with the Dept.of Consumer Protection in Ct.  Make sure they are fully licensed with Liability and Workers Compensation insurances.

Next, make sure they have been in business for awhile, it doesn’t have to be 37 years like us, but it needs to be at lease five years or so.  A good indicator of how you will be treated  is how fast they return your call, how fast they come out to give the estimate and how fast they give to you a detailed written estimate with description of work, pricing and how long the job will take.  Finding house painters for exterior or interior work in Branford Ct doesn’t have to be difficult, just watch the signs!

I hope this blog “Painter Branford Ct, 3 tips to find one” is helpful! Remember, when you are looking for an exterior painter in Branford you can call us for tips or advice!

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Guilford Ct Painter Adds Value To Customers

Here at Coastline Painters LLC in Guilford Ct we try very hard to figure ways to serve our customers as best we can.  That is why we chose to write this blog “Guilford Ct Painters Adds Value To Customers”. Here is a link to Dave Moffitt’s video about this

In this day and age there are so many more companies then ever before.  With internet now, everyone is trying to figure out how to get noticed.  We have been house painters in Ct for over 35 years.

We have painted interior and exterior houses in Guilford Ct, Madison Ct and the entire shoreline in Ct.  The one way to get noticed is to put the customer’s needs first and foremost.

We always strive to give our customers the very best quality paint job and products.  Paint products make all the difference in the world, so we never skimp on our products. We investigate all the time what’s out there and are we using the best products we can.

So, if you want to get noticed and thrive in this business as a painter, the best way is to serve your customers the best way possible, and that’s what we do here at Coastline Painters LLC in Guilford Ct.  As always, if you have a question and need some advice, please call us!

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Guilford Ct

Free Painting Estimate, Westbrook Ct


This can be the most expensive word their is!  Why?  Because “Free” doesn’t always mean a good value! Sometimes this word is used as a gimmick to get your attention!  How qualified is the contractor showing up?

Do we give “free” painting estimates?  No!  We give free professional evaluations of your home to see what it needs!  Not to split hairs, but there is a difference.  When we show up, we walk your home with you, we check the condition of your surfaces that you want painted, we check for rotted wood, moisture spots and much much more.  Check out our video with Dave:

Within a day you can expect a detailed estimate/professional evaluation for your home!  We then call to see if you have any questions about the estimate and go over it with you!  Be careful what you pay for, just because somthing is free in the estimate does not always mean a good thing!  You want quality and professional advice and expertise when it comes to your biggest investment!

If you would like to talk with us please call!  You can reach us at the numbers below or email us at

Thank you!

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50 Shades of Gray House Painter, Guilford Ct

Nowadays there are so many different shades of color to choose from!  White isn’t just white anymore!  There could be twenty different whites! Each paint company had their spin on colors as well!

What’s the  solution to choosing the right color for you before painting an entire wall, room or exterior of your home?  Pick a handful of samples and have your painter put them on the surface that is getting painted!  Don’t be shy about how many greens or whites you need put up to decide!  Some colors are only a shade different from the next, but when it’s on a wall or the outside of your home, the sunlight changes the color through out the day!

A light color can look very different once applied!  Many stores now sell tiny little tubs of paint that are perfect for this without breaking the bank!

Check out how the color looks as the light changes during the day.  You will be surprised how a color can look one way on the chip but look totally different on the wall!  Make sure the paint is completely dry before you decide as the color changes when it goes from wet to dry!

So, I hope this article 50 Shades of Gray painter, Guilford Ct was helpful!

It’s not the “tie up” version! LOL! But it’s important!

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have or if you would like some help picking out a color!

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Painter in Guilford Ct Reviews Home Depot

Guilford Ct is a beautiful small town with wonderful people and stores.  We have a local hardware store called Page’s Hardware that we would recommend to anyone!  Their service is outstanding!

But sometimes, being a painter, painting contractor, I have to head over to the big box store Home Depot for something that I can’t get in my hometown of Guilford Ct.   As a painting contractor, there are times when I have a big job and it requires a very large order, Home Depot always has paint in stock, so I can call ahead and have the order ready for pick up when I get there.  They also have a special entrance and check out for contractors that I find very helpful and saves me a lot of time.

Home Depot also carries a large variety of tools and lumber.

I hope this blog Painter in Guilford Ct Reviews Home Depot was helpful!  If you need any professional advice just call us!  If you are in my area and would like a free painting estimate and professional evaluation of your home, you can call or email us to set up an appointment!dave's photo

Dave Moffitt

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How To Get A Painting Estimate Guilford CT

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When I do a search I will enter my town name and a few towns that are near me so that I get a contractor that is based within thirty minutes from my town, I prefer someone local.

When you start going through the list, pick a contractor in the top half of the first page. Why? This usually is a indication that they are searched out a lot and are more established.  It’s very helpful if they have a website, it shows a comittment to the consumer to disclose as much information about them as possible.

When you call or email the contractor, pay close attention to how long it takes for them to answer you, it should take no longer then 24 hours!  The best response is a same day response!This is an indicator to how fast they will respond when you hire them!

Make sure they have the following information:

1. A Home Improvement Contractor license by the State of Ct (this is mandatory)

2. All painting contractors must have a Lead License! They should have a certificate and Lead      License number

3. Proof of Insurance

4. References

After they meet with you make sure you receive a written estimate within three business days. Make sure on the estimate it outlines how many coats of paint, are dark colors included, are finishes like Eggshell included, what is extra, how long will the job take, when can they start?

These are important questions and everything should be in writing!

I hope “How To Get A Painting Estimate Guilford Ct ” was helpful!

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have on any contracting topic!

We are happy to come out and meet with you as well to give you a full professional evaluation!


Dave Moffitt

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Wood Repair Guilford Ct

Wood repair in Guilford Ct

It’s important to inspect the exterior trim

On your home each year.  Rotted and loose

trim can cause extensive damage by allowing

Moisture to get in and rot to spread.  The good

News is that you can repair your trim without

the help of a professional if you follow a few

Simple tips:


Where to look:  windows, doors and any other

Trim.  Check for cracks, rotting wood, loose

trim boards and holes.  Next, determine

if a small portion the the trim can be

replaced or if you need to replace the entire



What to do next: For wood repair,

If the wood isn’t badly

damaged, or not rotting it’s easy to fix.

If you see loose wood, just hammer fresh

nails into the trim board to firmly secure.


Cracks  – For wood repair,  remove any old caulk in the cracks,

any dirt or debris.

Then apply fresh silicone caulk in the cracks.

Note:  Make sure the temp outside is between

50-90 degrees before you start to get the best

performance out of your caulk.


Patched CracksFor wood repair, exterior wood filler for

Patched cracks in the trim.  First, sand the

area with coarse sandpaper to ensure a

good bond.  After this, apply wood filler with

a putty knife.  After it dries, sand it flush with

medium to fine grit sandpaper.


Replacing rotted and damaged trim:  Carefully

Remove the rotted wood with a pry bar.

measure what you removed.

(when you replace this wood, add a few inches to allow

For trimming it and any mistakes in measuring).

You can have the lumber store cut your wood, but it’s

a good idea to have a miter saw to trim it if need be

at home.

Safety Note:  Be sure to read manufacture’s instructions

Carefully when operating power tools! Do not wear

Loose clothing or jewelry.

Installing new trim:   Use nails and a hammer to attach

the new trim wood.  Use a nail set and hammer to get

the nails below the surface of new wood. Cover nail holes

with putty and when it’s dry sand the putty flush with the wood.


Painting the new wood

Use a drop cloth to protect the ground and bushes where

you are painting.  You can also use blue tape to tape off

around the exterior of the wood you are painting to protect

the siding.  Make sure to use a high quality enamel or varnish

brush.  Use a high quality paint or stain, it truly makes all the

difference.  Benjamin Moore offers a high quality paint and stain

line.  Apply one coat of primer followed by one or two finish

Coats of paint.

Call us for a free professional evaluation!  Coastline Painters LLC (203) 458-2073


Paint your Aluminum Siding!

I have been painting aluminum siding in the Guilford Ct area for over 37 years and have had great results!

 If you have a home that was built between the 40’s and 70’s chances are you have aluminum siding, in my area of Guilford and Madison Ct we have plenty of older homes that have aluminum siding and many homeowners were surprised to learn that they could paint their aluminum siding.  Between the 40’s and 70’s aluminum siding was the best material at the time for the value.  The paint was baked onto the aluminum.  Eventually the baked on color fades and chalks.  There is a great remedy for this, paint the siding!

It’s very important to prepare the siding for the paint, and the first step is cleaning the aluminum siding.  You can use aluminum siding cleaner or TSP solution both can be purchased at any hardware store.

Two ways to clean the siding is by hand with a brush and cloth or you can rent a power washer to get the job done faster and easier.  If the siding has never been painted before, you don’t need to worry about peeling paint, if the siding has been painted before and there is peeling while you wash, you will need to scrape the loose paint and take some fine grit sand paper and feather the edges.

After you clean the siding, and do any necessary scraping and sanding, make sure it’s totally dry.  Then apply two coats of high quality Acrylic latex base paint to the siding.  You will be very pleased with the outcome that will last many years!

 The result:  A fresh and beautiful home!  Call us today for free advice or evaluation on any project, plus of course estimates!

Boost Your Home’s Value and Verve with Coastline Carpentry

carpenter in new haven county5 Simple architectural enhancements that pay off

What’s the secret to transforming cookie-cutter into your custom style?  When it comes to your home, light carpentry that adds built-in architectural details make all the difference.  To turn drab into dazzling – and boost your home’s value in the process – try adding one of these exciting accents:

  1. Window Seats. Window seats are beautiful architectural features, and add immense style, comfort, and value to your home.  Maximize your storage potential by creating a hinged bench seat, or consider building storage cubbies beneath.  Pull it together with cushions that match your room’s décor.
  2. Media Shelving. Utilize awkward spaces (and add to the charm of your home) by adding shelves under stair cases, around landings, next to fireplaces, or even under kitchen cabinets.  Such spaces are perfect for organizing and storing books, DVDs, cds, mobile device charging stations and all the necessities of today’s digital age.
  3. Crown Moulding. Add a classic dimension of elegance and warmth to any room with crown moulding.  But DIYers beware: Installing crown moulding can be tricky, particularly when it comes to the cornices.  As always, simple is better.
  4. Bead Board. Bead board is a mainstay in many old houses, lending a classic yet casual look to cabinets, ceilings and decorative wall panels.  With an informal flair, bead board can help you incorporate relaxed cottage styling into any decor.
  5. Flower Boxes. Give your home a floral facelift with a fun flower box!  Painted to match your home’s exterior (or the blooms within), built-in flower boxes will give your home a decorative seasonal boost the whole year through.

Eager to learn more?  For more than 35 years, Coastline Painters has helped homeowners like you in New Haven and surrounding areas make the most of their home’s potential with the addition of unique architectural accents inside and out.  Contact us today for a free quote.

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