3 Tasty Tints to Bring Out the Beauty of Your Home

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Looking to spice up your home with today’s hottest hues?  Glance no farther than your kitchen.  No matter what your decor, these 3 delectable colors will have you salivating in style!

Apple Green

Apple green walls add a playful contrast to homes featuring hardwood floors and natural stone elements (a fireplace, for instance, or granite countertops).  For a truly luscious effect, pair apple green walls with tangerine trim and accent with lemon yellow.  Likewise, add some bite to your apple-inspired decor with apple branches in an urn and a bowl of apples on the table.

Mustard Yellow

French country comforts earn eye-popping pizzazz when you mix mustard yellow walls with turquoise trim and bold red accents.  For a deliciously dazzling effect, boost your mustard yellow backdrop with eclectic furnishings and water-themed paintings to satiate your innermost Mediterranean muse.

Tapioca Cream

A sophisticated alternative to plain vanilla white or beige, tapioca cream lends character and depth to rooms decorated with vintage furnishings and bold lines alike.  In the living room, tapioca walls paired with lavender trim create a luscious teatime retreat; in the kitchen, white cupboards pop against this flavorful hue’s understated elegance.

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