Painting With Deep Toned Colors Madison Ct

Deep toned colors are very popular and we get a lot of calls about using dark toned colors.  That’s why we created this blog Painting With Deep Toned Colors Madison Ct.

The most important thing is the prep work when dealing with dark toned colors! Make sure you tape off and protect areas that are not being painted.

You need to properly prepare the surfaces.  Make sure all nail pops are taken care of, any dents, dings or any kind of surface interruption is taken care of so you have a smooth surface to put the paint on.

You may need to do more then two coats.  You need to properly cut in.  These are the simple things that you do that make a difference in a beautiful paint job!

Another important aspect is the effect of color on your mood!  Pastels are cool tones, that can relax and soothe, and make a room appear bigger then it is.   The other group is warm tones, that create a cozy warm atmosphere, they cal also make a room appear smaller.

Do some research on colors and the mood it can create in us.  There are tons of articles on the internet!

If you have any questions or want some advice, please feel free to call us! We are happy to talk with you even if you don’t hire us!  We also offer free professional estimates!

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CUSTOM PAINTING GUILFORD CT offers all different kinds of painting!  If you are looking to add a special touch to a room, there are alot of ways to accomplish that!

One way is create an “accent wall”, three walls in the room share one shade and then you take one wall and put a fun or bold color on it to help bring together the room and add a little something extra!

Another way is to add texture or design to the wall.  You can do this two ways, buy a textured paint, like suede finish, or you can use regular paint and use a special technique to apply the paint to create a different finish, like ragging, or faux.

If you have any further questions, or need some professional advice, don’t hesitate to call us!  We are located in Guilford Ct and you can reach us at (203) 458-2073dave's photo

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